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What services do you offer?


Your wedding day is probably one of the most beautiful moments you will experience, and it is my honour to document this magic day for both of you, by capturing in an unobtrusive way the genuine and unique moments as they unfold, both planned and unplanned. When the time is right and necessary i will step in and offer direction to ensure that you,  your fiancé and your guests always look your best.

My goal is to provide you with an unique a story, your story in a way that it reflects your true personality with creativity. I will create timeless photographs that will make you sigh, laugh and cry, but most importantly, a story that you and your loved ones will cherish for many decades to come.


If you are looking for a a creative photographer to showcase your work with an unique creativity you have come to the right place, I am always looking for new ways to push my passion. My eclectic taste in photography, allows me to easily adapt to your needs to provide you exactly with what you expect always providing quality work and amazing results.

Themed Photography

Bring your story to life! If you have an idea for a photoshoot, I can certainly make that happen!

Let's sit down and have a talk :), there's nothing more i'd love to do than being able to create  images for you like no others on this planet.

Maternity, Children and Family

With my easy-going personality and contagious enthusiasm  I always try to keep my photo sessions  fun and photos unique. My work blends the best of classic portraiture with modern lifestyle bringing out the best in adults and children. 

When it comes to the creative process I enjoy trying new techniques and locations for  photographs and create timeless images that you and your family can cherish for generations to come.

Do you have a studio?

Yes, nature! I love photographing outdoors, I'm constantly looking for new locations to photograph, so  I usually suggest a few locations to do your session, however, if you feel more comfortable to pick a complete different location or even at your home, I will be more than happy to travel to you :).

What should i wear for my photo session?

What you wear will vary depending on the kind of photos you'd like,  time of the year and location. After you contact me and we agree on location and the kind of photos you expect, I will suggest clothing and colour combination according to your personal taste. However, I always suggest to avoid crazy patterns and/or, many colours at the same time and/or colour combinations that can be distracting; apart from that always wear clothes where you feel completely comfortable, this is very important because it will allow you to have a good time, look and feel your best.

What if I don't want my photos on social media?

My clients are my number one priority, that means their privacy is as well, once you hire me you will have 2 documents to read and sign, one is a model release form and the other document is the contract.

Model release: This document is optional, it is the document in which you give me permission to  use your images in social media or promotional material, like the brochures and cards I create to advertise my business. I respect your privacy,  if you do not wish to fill and sign this document I will respect your decision. I would never post or use your images in any media.

Contract: The contract is a mandatory form that protects you, your family and myself; it also describes what to expect and what not to expect and some other conditions you require to hire me.

Do you do all ages?

Except for newborns, I do all ages.

How far are you willing to travel?

Anywhere in Canada.  

Do I have to pay you a travel fee?

Yes and No. If you live within 100 km of where I am based ( Red Deer, AB) there will be no cost for me to travel to you, after that, a small travel fee applies (detailed in your contract).

Do you give discounts for referrals if a photo shoot is booked?

Yes! Nothing makes me happier than an awesome client referring me to friends and family. So as a way to say THANK YOU, I will give you *10% OFF your next session, for every photo session I book.

Do you require a Spot retainer fee/ deposit?

Yes, once you’ve retained my  services  (by paying the fee, and signing the contract), you are officially BOOKED, I would then be unavailable to anyone who inquires about my services on your photo shoot date, wether it is potential client who may be interested in a photo session that is even more expensive than the one you chose. 

Why is the Spot Retainer Fee/ Deposit non-refundable?

Consider this: if the retainer fee was refundable, and for some reason a client decides “at the last minute” to request the money back and/ or to cancel for some reason, then the I would have no income for the agreed date,  if this were to happen several times,  I would soon no longer be in business.

Do you offer hair and make-up and is it included in your packaged prices?

No and No. At the moment I am not offering hair and make-up services in my packages but I am willing to help you find one if needed!  

Do you offer a selection of wardrobe items and accesories for your sessions?

It depends. I have a small selection of wardrobe items and accessories you can borrow depending on what kind of shoot you are wanting,  sometimes i even make my own items, this is my own choice and not a requirement. With that being said,  if you book a photoshoot and have items to incorporate in it, Please bring them :).

*Discount(s) applied before taxes , discount (s) do not apply on promotions or final sales and may not be transferred to another person, up to 20% off per session.

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