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About Josainis V.

Hi there! I'm Josainis Veria Belet , a Red Deer (Alberta) based Photographer, and owner of Josainis Photography (obviously). Born and raised in Cuba, I moved to Canada to begin a new life filled with optimism and potential.

Going as far back as I can remember, I have always been an artist, photographer at heart. I have always been quite intrigued and amused, about body language and facial expressions. My very first camera was a Nikon F90X Film, oh yes i still preserve it, we have quite the hystory .

Over time, photographing slowly has become part of me, as I started building a broad and eclectic collection of pictures. In 2008, I studied web and graphic design in college. This is when I founded my own company - Four J Designs. Despite being so busy with other jobs, I never stopped creating and capturing beautiful, timeless photos, developing over the last decade an extensive portfolio, ranging from landscape to fashion photography.

Now, I am best known for my easy-going personality, with a fun and stress-free lifestyle which permeates each and every photo session, for a light and care-free atmosphere. It is this relaxed tone to my photo sessions which bring out the best in my clients, my skills and imagination - all of which leads to naturally beautiful, genuine photographs for you to enjoy for a lifetime.- Josainis Veria B.

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